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Bag Or Pocket Filter T-Panels (3 Layer)
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3 Layer T-panels and 4 Layer Slot-Panels
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There are many benefits to consider when choosing a Fiberbond panel or slot panel as your commercial air filter, over a standard pleated air filter. Dustlok t-panels and slot-panels are able to withstand common issues created by the surrounding environment that standard pleated filters cannot. They are more efficient, sturdy and have a longer service life than standard commercial pleat air filters. Common air filtration problems such as pressure, humidity and mold are solved by using Fiberbond t-panels and slot-panels.
HB & DLM9 Slot Panel (4 layer)-Slot Panel HB+DLM9

Pleated filters often use paper board frames. This material is susceptible to weakening/failure by humidity and moisture in the environment. The result is often warped filters that run the risk of collapsing.
DLM9 T-Panel (3 layer)-DLM9 T-Panel

Moisture creates mold and microbial growth on standard commercial air filters. Our filters hinder the growth of mold and other microbes through a biocide called Spor-Ax. Spor-Ax is introduced during the manufacturing process, not sprayed on afterwards (which is common). This process protects the filter from mold and other microbes for the life of the filter.
T-Panels - Other Media-T-Panels (EPRed, HB, FPT)

Pressure problems that are common with pleated commercial air filters include; a pressure drop that does not increase across the board when coils are dirty. Fiberbond air filters do not use thin, surface-loading materials like standard commercial air filters. The density and depth of the material used results in efficiency that increases throughout the service life of the filter. The journey involved in shipping pleated filters, can often times result in damage to their flimsy frames. Our Dustlok filters are made with durable material. They are easily able to withstand the shipping and handling process. Installation of a pleated filter can result in space between filters. Spacers are often used to fill-in these gaps. These fillers are often not sufficient enough to prevent particles from traveling through. Our Dustlok adhesive filters proactively address this issue with continuous filter panels. This eliminates the spaces between and around individual filters in side access track applications. Thus keeping coils, duct work and other vital equipment clean throughout operation.

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